Prodigy – Make America Great Again: Mafuckin U$A

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Prodigy gives his track “Mafuckin U$A” the proper release treatment.

The country is currently going through a transition period as President Donald Trump takes office and everyone has had an opinion about it. We’ve seen people protest, women march and plenty of artists have come out against him. Prodigy of Mobb Deep is one of the latest to do it on wax, with the aptly titled “Make America Great Again.” Obviously, he’s not taking Trump’s side on this one

Quotable Lyrics:

Get some 350s, nine millis, extendo 47s
They want us to all disarm, but we ain’t givin’ up our weapons
It’s the USA, mafuckin’ USA, the US of A
We’re black and beautiful, black is powerful
And we all here to stay
Right here, nigga, United States

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