Trapo – Match Freestyle

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Trapo – Match Freestyle MP3 Download

Trapo Match Freestyle MP3 Download

Trapo just released the new track “Match Freestyle.”

Teenage boy wonder Trapo is back in the booth after releasing his debut album Shade Trees and going on a mini-tour late last year. The kid dropped a new track, “Match Freestyle,” on Soundcloud, in the middle of the night, early Thursday.Trapo declares war on his haters on this rap battle track. On a repetitive beat — somebody moans a lament throughout — he spits that older dudes are jealous that he’s blowing up so fast. He argues that they’re no match for him; he’s “better than them.” He lights and puffs on a joint during the track. He says most other rappers “suck” these days. Trapo’s got a healthy following on Souncloud. He is also quite active on Twitter.

Quotable Lyrics

Show me a top three
Bet that they all trash
Never can top me
They ain’t think I would grow up
Now I’m the top T
Making fun of the grown ups
they just laugh ’cause I’m cocky
I am so much better that them
Better than them, and they can’t help but watch me

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